The Most Detailed Insights Into An Unprecedented Holiday Season

Survey: 2020 Holiday Shopping

As the holiday season draws near, there’s little doubt that upcoming events are going to look different than they have in years past. To help brands and retailers better inform their end-of-year strategies, we’ve surveyed over 1,000 past holiday shoppers to understand how they expect to celebrate— and shop for— the remaining holidays of 2020.

Early insights into Canadian consumer sentiment provide a glance into how different this holiday season will be. Click through the interactive charts below for a high-level view of how consumers anticipate their celebrations, shopping and spending habits will change for Labour Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Diwali, Christmas & Hanukkah, Boxing Day and New Year’s.

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Expectations by Holiday

  • Halloween is the holiday most likely to see a shift in celebrations, with 68% of consumers expecting their celebrations to be somewhat or significantly different
  • New Year’s is expected to see the least shopping impact—though 56% of consumers still expect there to be some difference in their shopping behavior
  • Diwali, Christmas & Hanukkah and Boxing Day are the holidays most likely to see an increase in spend among some consumers, with 10-11% reporting they expect to spend more this year

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Consumer Plans for 2020 Holidays

  • 85% of consumers expect to celebrate at least some holidays differently this year—14% indicate their celebrations will differ for all holidays they were asked about
  • 69% of shoppers think their shopping habits will differ for these holidays, as well
  • For all holidays, at least one-third of consumers intend to spend less than they did the previous year

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