Halloween Preview 2022

“This year it’s gonna be a little bit different because the price of candy is like everything else has gone up. So what I’m going to be doing for family and friends that know and trust me, I’m gonna be making homemade candies. I’m going, I have my grandmother’s recipe for toffee. I have a wonderful recipe for what’s called golden bars, which I know the family loves. So, yeah, so I’m gonna be doing that for family and friends. I’m gonna make little packages made of paper with napkins and stuff, with a little tie for family and friends.

And then for those when the kids come to your door, they don’t want or are not allowed to give out homemade stuff because you never know. So for them, I’m going to just be a little bit more frugal. So instead of giving them four, five little candies and stuff, I might give them, you know, two or three. I don’t know how happy they’ll be about that, but hey, gotta do what you gotta do.”