Get context into an advertising landscape that changes with the news cycle

Brands, agencies, retailers & manufacturers leverage Numerator Ad Intel for ad tracking and quick insight into shifts in the advertising landscape and to maximize the value of their marketing campaigns by efficiently monitoring and analyzing competitive advertising, creative execution and media usage across traditional and digital media.

Automate near real-time
ad monitoring

Adapt your business strategy quickly to changing market dynamics with insight into creative data within 24 hours of the ads going live.

Invest ad
dollars effectively

Competitive media spend is shifting quickly. Leverage market-level spend data across media types to make informed investment decisions.

Create compelling messaging

Leverage granular creative attributes aligned across media types to adjust your messaging and be seen as a trusted partner.

Ad Tracking by the Numbers


Media types


New unique ads tracked per year


Total ad observations per year

Ad Intel Features

Industry's fastest visibility into breaking ads

Ad tracking captures new ads, in both French and English, within 24-48 hours and alerts you to breaking ads so you can stay on top of the marketplace.

Omnichannel coverage for more complete ad tracking

Creative ad tracking and ad spend monitoring across 9 traditional and digital media channels – for you and your competition.

Rising intel on digital advertising

Providing fast, detailed and granular views on creatives, spend data and occurrences on mobile social media platforms.

Hybrid approach to digital ad collection

Leverage automated and panel-based collection to enhance the quality of your digital ad collection including targeted digital ads.

Unified data hierarchy

Consistent taxonomy for categories, classes, companies and brands for all 522K ads captured through our ad monitoring solution across all media types.

Market-level insights

Create a geo-targeted ad spend strategy with the ability to drill into ad spend reporting at a market-level. Adjust share of spend by market based off competitor activity.

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