Know More About Canadian Consumers as They Navigate New Normals

Looking Ahead: Monthly Canadian Consumer Sentiment Survey

Numerator is launching a monthly consumer sentiment study to help brands better understand when and how consumers plan to resume their normal lives. Each month, Numerator is surveying Canadian consumers to learn more about how they’re feeling, what they’re comfortable doing, and when they expect to return to normal behaviours and activities.

Note: Current versions of this survey look across Canadian consumers as a whole. As vaccine efforts ramp up across the country, we will begin tracking responses by vaccine intention and status, as well.

Consumer Levels of Concern: Health & Economy

  • Half of Canadian consumers are highly concerned about COVID-19— 51% rate their level of concern as 8/10 or higher, 70% 6/10 or higher, steady with last month’s levels
  • Level of concern over the economy is even higher than COVID-19 concern— 58% rate their level of concern as 8/10 or higher, 78% 6/10 or higher, down slightly from last month

Consumer Comfort Levels

  • The average Canadian consumer is still very uncomfortable with most public / in-person activities. Excluding those who never participate in these activities, Roughly half say they would be “extremely uncomfortable” shopping inside a store without a mask, going to a bar or club, attending a concert or show, commuting via public transportation, or traveling on an airplane.

Returning to Normal

  • Less than 1 in 3 Canadian consumers are highly optimistic about a return to normal, with 29% rating their level of optimism 8/10 or higher.
  • Over half of consumers say they won’t feel comfortable resuming regular activities until health experts advise it is safe. Nearly half say they’ll need to have received the vaccine in order to feel comfortable, and over a third say their friends and family will need to have received the vaccine as well.
  • Nearly a third of consumers are skeptical of resuming pre-COVID activities, and say they will likely be one of the last to resume, while a quarter say they will resume when most others they know do.
  • About half of consumers say they expect a return to normal by the end of Summer 2021, though the largest group (31%) don’t think it’ll happen until 2022 or later.

COVID-19 Impact on Consumer Behaviour

For past insights into Canadian consumer behaviour and sentiment as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic, check out our survey insights from March 2020 through January 2021.

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