Concern regarding world events remains up in November.

While personal finances remained the top concern in October, nearly a fifth of Canadian shoppers say they are most concerned about world events, up significantly from September. Overall concern regarding the Canadian economy held steady this month, while COVID-19 concern declined.

Rising prices remain the top economic concern.

Concern regarding the economy remains high, with 61% of Canadian consumers rating their level of concern as 8/10 or higher. Primary concerns among all groups continue to be rising prices of goods & services, while worries around retirement savings and the economy also grew this month.

Consumers remain uncomfortable with discretionary spending in November.

72% of Canadians say they’re uncomfortable splurging on premium items while 70% are uncomfortable taking money out of personal savings/retirement accounts.

Pandemic concern decreased in November.

Overall concern regarding COVID-19 dropped in November, with 21% of consumers saying they were highly concerned. Specific concerns regarding COVID-19 have also decreased across the board.

About the Survey

Beginning in February of 2021, Numerator’s Canadian Consumer Sentiment survey has been fielded to roughly 1,000 consumers on a monthly basis. All consumers are active members of Numerator’s Canadian OmniPanel.

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