A modern consumer panel to understand modern shoppers.

Numerator’s gamified and user-friendly app has surpassed legacy consumer panel size and engagement — leading to a more representative and true omnichannel consumer panel. Holistic collection of purchase data and survey insights empower brands to understand the ‘why’ behind the buy.

Canadian OmniPanel by the Numbers


panelists uploading receipts


more shopping trips per month


retailers tracked

We know people, not panelists.

Our gamified and user-friendly consumer apps lead to a larger, more representative and highly engaged consumer panel that provides deeper consumer insights.

Passive panelists
Engaged consumers
Spotty data
Robust coverage
Traditional grocery coverage
Omnichannel and cross-category
Long data lag
Daily data updates
Extra costs for customization
On-demand customization
What, but not why
Opinions and purchase behaviour together

Consumer Panel Features

Gain a holistic view for deep shopper understanding

Shopper purchase behaviour is tracked alongside opinions collected via surveys for more holistic consumer understanding — so you can understand the ‘why’ behind the buy.

Get fast answers about your shoppers and your competition

The on-demand platform is updated daily to deliver the speed of insights needed to make timely business decisions. Create custom people groups for on-the-fly analysis based on your business questions.

Build strong retailer relationships with omnichannel and cross-category insights

Provide thought leadership, demonstrate your brand value, and uncover opportunities (and threats) across all categories.

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Daily Data Updates

Monitor changing consumer behaviours and sentiments on demand.

Omnichannel and Omniproduct

Capture purchases of all product categories across all channels.

Segmentation Flexibility

Configure custom shopper groups.

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