Grocery inflation is on the rise after a massive decline

In the most recent week, rates of Household and Health & Beauty inflation declined, while grocery prices spiked.

Highlights for the four week period ending November 6:

  • Grocery prices were up 6.52% vs. YA, an increase from the prior week.
  • Health & beauty prices were up 17.24% vs. YA, a decrease from the prior week. Health & beauty inflation is still elevated compared to prior months.
  • Prices for household items were up 10.30% vs. YA, a decrease from the prior week.

Inflation is volatile across retail channels

After a spike in the prior week, liquor channel inflation has decreased and now under-indexes vs. YAG. Online grocery inflation remains elevated, but has decreased compared to the prior week.

Inflationary impact continues to diverge by consumer group

In the most recent week, Gen Z, Aboriginal Canadian consumers, and low income consumers are facing increasing rates of grocery inflation, while other consumer groups see steady or decreased inflationary impact.

COVID-19 Impact on Consumer Behaviour

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