Grocery prices are on the rise after a marked decrease

Health & Beauty and Household prices are continuing to decline. The rate of household inflation is nearing June levels.

Highlights for the four week period ending September 4:

  • Grocery prices were up 6.97% vs. YA, an increase from the prior week. Pasta & Noodles continue to outpace Grocery as a whole.
  • Health & beauty prices were up 7.92% vs. YA, a decrease from prior weeks. The Performance Nutrition category is still far outpacing the sector as a whole, though the rate of inflation has declined in the most recent week.
  • Prices for household items were up 4.87% vs. YA, continuing to decrease from the July peak of 15.53%. The dishwashing category has seen the rate of inflation decrease past the sector baseline.

Dollar channel inflation remains steady while Gas & Convenience inflation climbs

In the most recent week, the online channel’s rate of grocery inflation has decreased, while gas & convenience channel’s rate of grocery inflation increased after a major decrease in mid-August 2022. The rate of grocery inflation has remained steady across most other retail channels this week.

Inflation remains steady for most consumer groups as Aboriginal Canadians and low-income consumers see disproportionate impact

In the week ending September 4, the grocery prices facing most Canadian consumer groups declined vs. YA. Prices stayed steady for Millennial consumers and increased slightly for low-income consumers. Aboriginal Canadians are still experiencing highly elevated grocery prices vs. YA, though the rate of inflation has declined compared to prior weeks.

COVID-19 Impact on Consumer Behaviour

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